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A progressive community activist, speaker, author and the founder of an international non-profit. Becca has engaged over 2 million students in culture shifting Sexversations®. She is equally passionate about social justice & equity. Fulfilling stereotypes she is a vegetarian with a theater degree & a sense of humor. A Jewish mother with the "most amazing children" she's a "if you can't fix it, you can at least feed it" kind of gal. When not fighting for the underdog she is found buying lip gloss at Target.




A Conservative Christian Republican legislator who is equal parts awww shucks & advocate for the people of Florida. A man of many talents he is also a political consultant and a realtor. He is southern, charming and always willing to listen to others and defend his values. He is our resident #floridaman without an arrest record. His spare time is spent obsessing over sports, having dinner with his mama and working on his old step club routines.




A local icon with the sage wisdom of your grandmother, the conspiracy theories of your colorful kooky relative and the optimism of your favorite child. He has had a storied career as a journalist, author and now fights tirelessly to tell stories for the American Cancer Society. He loves his family, his community and the promise of a better tomorrow. He has an alarming ability to recall names, dates, details, and facts. Except when asked #whereisdoneen? When not working he is seen looking for a hot tub to relax in and relieve the tension.




She uses her PhD in Cultural Studies and 15 years teaching college classes to drop knowledge on everything to include political rhetoric, true crime, foreign policy, spray tans, sports, feminist theory and bourbon. She is totally uncensored and candid. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet unless you harm an animal, then her being weapons certified should make you very nervous. She has lived a 1000 lives and each one brings perspective and insight to the pod. In every episode, she will use at least one word you will have to google and one reference that is more Real Housewives than rhetorician.

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