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Changing the Narrative in Political Discourse

Stir Thoughts Not Pots

What happens when you bring four radically different people to discuss politics and pop culture? Can an evangelical Republican and a progressive Democrat find common ground? Can a journalist and a communications expert find truth and agreement in the narrative?

Broaden Minds

We learn we are far more than identity politics. We are people with passion who believe in a more perfect union. With heartfelt, intelligent, hilarious, candid conversations—we might not save the world but we might just save the future of American political discourse.

The Rundown

Dishonorable Mention trended in the Top 25 on Apple Podcasts in 2019.

Hosts recorded live from the Florida State Capitol and interviewed legislators, lobbyists, and a Cabinet member. They've done live shows before packed audiences in coffee shops, libraries and on college campuses to help engage citizens in politics and healthy dialogue. A live tour is planned for 2020!

Collaboration Through Diversity

Our hosts come from different generations, genders and races. We can learn more through talking than fighting. Each has a unique background and area of expertise they bring to helping audiences understand events and issues. 

Listeners are in the Loop

We love our listeners and love that we help them unpack the hot topics of the week. From local to international news, our hosts give listeners the weekly rundown that they can use to be better informed.

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