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I think it’s really important that no matter how you see the world you come to the table. When you’re all jacked up because you care about something you want to make a difference, but the only way we’re going to make a difference is if we actually have healthy conversations, laced with humor and that’s what we’re gonna do.


I told on myself for kissing the hot page girl...I wrote a poem. I got a dozen red roses. When she opened the door I hit play and 'On Bended Knee" started playing. I gave her the poem and she forgave me then a month later we broke up.





How are we raising men in this country? And why aren’t we doing more? Or is there something we can do at a younger age? We gotta get men to stop thinking about women as possessions and thinking about them as people.


What about the regular people who may not be such perfect citizens? Don’t they deserve citizenship too? Don’t they deserve a chance to be here?


Copy of Copy of Dishonorable Mention (9)
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